Where to Park

On-Street Parking

All on-street parking in the centre of Kingsbridge is Free for 1 hour until 6pm and Free all day Sunday.  No meters are in place but frequent traffic wardens

Embankment Road: 3-5 minute walk 

Fore Street: 2 minute walk but often hard to find a space and a downhill walk to reach the shop meaning a walk up on the return.

Car Parks

Quay Car Park, TQ7 1HN: 2 min walk from near end, 4-5 min walk from far end.  £1 per hour up to 4 hours, £8 for 24 hours – Closest car park to the shop, simply walk across the town square to reach us and no hills to negotiate.

Fore Street Car Park: Top of Fore Street, TQ7 1PP – 6 min walk – £1 for 3 hours, £3 for 4 hours and £7 for 24 hours – Great for daytime shopping, walk down to shop is downhill, but uphill on the way back.

Lower Union Road Car Park: TQ7 1EG – 3 min walk – £1 for 3 hours, £2 all day – A very popular commuter’s long-stay car park, can be tricky to find a space in a morning, but fine in an afternoon or evening, or on weekends. Great for a longer stay, easy walk to the shop with no hills and very little traffic.  

Cattle Market Car Park: TQ7 1HH – 6 min walk – £1 for 3 hours, £2 for All Day Located above and behind the Sports Centre.  Slightly steep hill to walk down to Quay Car Park then across to the shop.  Recommended to park here if planning a long visit and no space is available at Lower Union Road.