Meet the Team

Adam: AKA “The Geek”
Specialist Subject: Warhammer 40k, Lord of the Rings, Blood Bowl
Favourite Army: Space Wolves
Highest on Wishlist: Gloomhaven
Favourite Genre: Strategy, Thematic, Miniatures & anything by Games Workshop
Attracted to: Big Boxes
Favourite pastime when not gaming: Addicted to backing games on Kickstarter! Reading, particularly Warhammer books.
Favourite TV Show: Dr Who
Favourite Colour: Blue



Rachel: AKA “The Boss”
Specialist Subject:
Social Media, Photography, Terry Pratchett, Yarn
Favourite Game (currently): Century Spice Road, Tsuro, Sagrada, Gloomhaven
Highest on Wishlist: Charterstone, Near & Far, Megaland, Everdell
Favourite Genre: Eurogames, Fantasy, anything involving luck/dice rolls
Attracted to: Beautiful Artwork/Pretty Boxes
Favourite pastime when not gaming: Crocheting, anything from hats to dragons!
Favourite Film: Guardians of the Galaxy