Taylored Games was started by husband and wife team Adam & Rachel Taylor. When they met, Rachel was living in West Charleton and, as a long-time self-confessed geek, one of the first things Adam noticed about the area apart from how stunning it is to live, is that there was a definite lack of games shops.

After a while, and an Aspergers diagnosis, Adam finally decided that he wanted to leave his job at Devonport Dockyard, and do something that plays to his strengths and skills, and become his own boss. He thought about how he could open a shop that was all about games – this was very much a way of being able to play games for a living!  Luckily enough, Rachel was able to take him seriously and after a bit of thought and a lot of research, they decided that, actually, yes, this was something they could do  and the idea of opening a FLGS – Friendly Local Games Shop – started to take shape.  Rachel came up with the name after some outlandish suggestions from Adam and Taylored Games started to go from a dream to reality.

All wasn’t plain sailing though – what is usually the hard part,  putting a business plan together and finding suppliers, was the easy bit in the end.  A suitable premises needed to be found – all while working a normal full-time job (after all, until the shop was open, they still needed to live)!

There were only a few places that really fit the bill for what was needed.  They did eventually find one property, only to find that working with large multi-nationals is not the easiest and the estate agents eventually pulled out.  Another property was found, but not quite in Kingsbridge though – but the planners refused (understandably) permission for a change of use for another business, which meant that it wasn’t even worth trying.  Stuck! Would they even find a premises in Kingsbridge let alone make Taylored Games a reality?

Looking further afield became the necessity.  An absolutely perfect unit on the outskirts of Ivybridge was unearthed.  Perfect in every way except the location – but it worked and Taylored Games was once more a reality!  With premises secured, funding was then finally sorted and they thought they were ready to go, but NO! It turns out the secured premises weren’t quite as secure as they thought.  A charity had their eyes on the place but had thought they’d lost their funding – they hadn’t and Taylored Games was once more adrift.

But there was an interesting development, not one but TWO premises appeared on the market in Kingsbridge at the same time.  Moving quickly, an offer was put in, in November, that was accepted, then the wait for solicitors to sort out leases. In the meantime, everything else that makes a shop was needed, so till systems, stock, shop fittings etc. had to be sourced and ordered ready for the refurb. We got the Keys in February half term, so then the hard work of the refurb, to get it ready as quickly as possible. We finally soft opened on March 27th, just in time for Easter. The Grand Opening will happen when the final bits of the refurb have been finished.